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Advanced Tutorials

Eureka belongs to a class of tutorial centers equipped to handle various academic curricula under the K-12 system. This includes the United Kingdom’s International Baccalaureate Program, the American Advanced Placement Program, and the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. Tutors in Eureka undergo professional training to handle all subjects in the K-12 system.

Value for money

Eureka has refer friends, relatives, and schoolmates. Word-of-mouth is Eureka’s best form of advertisement. 

Through the years, Eureka has established a base of students who continually refer friends, relatives, and schoolmates. Word-of-mouth is Eureka’s best form of advertisement. Eureka provides quality tutorials at affordable rates. 


Eureka houses the most number of FULL-TIME professional tutors with at least 5 years of tutoring experience. All teachers continuously undergo trainings and attend teaching workshops/seminars in order to update their knowledge of the subject/s they teach.

Emphasis on Critical Reading

Reading is the foundation of knowledge. One of the goals of Eureka is to nurture critical thinking among its students.  Eureka encourages students to read and to critical weigh on what they have read. Students routinely asked to read carefully selected passages that stimulate curiosity, enhance vocabulary, and promote critical thinking.


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Some of our highly-acclaimed services include:


Calculus Tutorials

(High School and University Level)


 New Physics

Physics Tutorials

(High School and University Level)