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 “Study SMARTER, not HARDER!”



Students nowadays are bombarded with overwhelming school requirements and extra-curricular activities that sparing time to prepare for standardized examinations (such as college entrance examinations) often becomes difficult.

In addition, many students encounter difficulties preparing for the actual test due to a combination of factors such as lack of information regarding the format of the test, the types of questions, and the lack of test-taking skills and strategies. Eureka understands these difficulties, thus, prepares its students to STUDY SMARTER, NOT HARDER. Eureka’s Test Preparation Program employs a scientific approach to test taking and contains all of the following:


ü  Detailed and elaborate explanations as to the nature of the test to be taken

ü   Numerous Practice Tests that pinpoint a student’s possible areas of weakness. The tutor and the student can then work on those areas.

ü  Ready and available support any time the student needs it

ü  Test taking tips from teachers who are who are experts on the subject matter. 



College Entrance Test

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 Int'l General Certificate of Secondary Educationeurekacentre 5

 Scholastic Aptitude/Assessment Test

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 Advance Placement Exam

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 Test of English as a Foreign Language

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 Test of English for Int'l Communications

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 International English Language Testing System

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 International Baccalaureate External

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With the right motivation, Eureka believes that students can perform well in any examination that they will take. Eureka is witness to the hundreds of students who have benefitted from its programs, and many of which continually refer friends and relatives to avail of Eureka’s Test Preparation Program. 

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