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Acing the TOEFL the Eurekan Way

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Acing the TOEFL the Eurekan Way

byTeacher Eve

Students have been inundated with a lot of tests they have to take for a variety of reasons but primarily to fulfil a prerequisite for study visa applications.  Eureka Tutorials would like to give you the best advice so you would not look at this test as being rammed through your throat but instead take it in stride and attain the best score you can get to qualify for a slot in the school of your dreams.

            Let’s start with the most essential thing any student taking a TOEFL test should know.  What exactly is this test all about?  Toefl test is an internet based English Proficiency examination taken by non-native English speakers as a requirement for student visa applications. The actual test consists of four sections: reading, speaking, listening, writing.  The perfect score for each section is 30 so the perfect total score is 120.  Candidates for the TOEFL test have a required score to get depending on the school they are applying.  Not to worry because we are here to guarantee that you get the score of your dreams.  For your dream to come into fruition, Eureka Tutorials will guide you every step of the way should you opt to use our program which will hone your skills in each section.

            Next, thing to do is to build up your vocabulary.  Many students find reading the toughest to hurdle among all the other sections.  But wait, increasing you vocabulary is not only helpful in the reading task but also helpful in the writing, listening, and speaking sections. A good cache of words will help you create a logical and effective essay that can elevate your score to the max.  You can also give a highly intelligible answer in the speaking part using advance vocabulary with the highest degree of accuracy.  Last but not the least is your listening part in which you will be able to decipher the words and complex sentence structures used in lectures and the reading text of this section to be able to answer the questions thoroughly.

            Then, you have to enhance your listening skills by practicing your note taking skills. Eureka will guide you in how to maximize your note taking skills by picking out the essential phrases and important details from the passages and organizing them into a very comprehensible layout so you will be able to give accurate responses to the listening questions.       

            Moreover, rest assured that evaluators will not require you to have an American accent. What they are after is how well you understand the task at hand and how clear you speak. We will help you practice your pronunciation so you will be able to enunciate the words and speak comprehensibly.

            Finally, we will help you work on your grammar. This is a crucial part in the speaking and writing sections of the TOEFL test.  Many errors have been made regarding subject verb agreements and verb tenses.  We do not wish our students to compromise their responses in their essays and speaking.  We will surely help them develop an advanced and highly accurate responsefor these sections. 

            The Eureka Tutorials Toefl Program is an important factor to your success. We will provide you with competent content review, several drills in each section, full length practice tests plus bonus strategies for the test day. What are you waiting for? Hurry and sign up! No matter how trite these expressions are “Time is gold” and “Practice makes perfect “, you can never go wrong. See you soon!

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