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byTeacher Eve

Every year, a multitude of college bound students worldwide take the SAT and virtually every school or college accepts SAT as a form of entrance examination. Most of those schools require SAT for admission. Just a few months ago, a new and redesigned SAT has been implemented. This confused many students and parents as to what kind of changes were adopted.  But let me allay your fears since these changes did not deviate far from the original format with the exception of four which I will be expounding on later. Eureka SAT program has been adjusted to include the revisions and our instructors have meticulously prepared our own redesigned program to prep our students to the new format.   Therefore, dispel your trepidation and we’ll help you workon improving your performance on the test since the schools will still expect you to score well on the SAT in comparison with other test takers. 

Let’s step back awhile and go back to those four major revisions I mentioned earlier.  

Number one on the list is the Writing Section which is renamed to Writing and Language Section.  It is scored on an 800 point scale which covers grammar and English sentence construction as well as the “Essay Section” which is a short writing assessment.  It is combined with the Reading section for a total of 800 points.  Instead of individual questions, all questions are now based on a passage  A passage or a question may be accompanied by graphics such as a table or graph that you will consider as you edit or do revisions. Greater emphasis is now placed on logic and expression of ideas, high level writing skills and punctuation rules.

Next is the length.  The writing section and extended Reading and Math sections of the SAT make the test longer as a whole.  This is why practice testing is very important in SAT preparation.  The best way to prepare for this section is to practice answering the exercises under the timing conditions.

Then, they revised the SAT math and made it harder and included topics from Algebra II and a bit more geometry.  The change, though, very minor and would unlikely affect majority of the students taking the test. But still, you should be familiar with topics up to Algebra including simplification, factoring, and solving for roots of quadratics.

Finally, one major change from the SAT Critical Reading section is the removal of analogies.   These were questions that tested you both on your knowledge of vocabulary and your ability to logically compare the meaning of the words.  The main complaint before about analogies is that it cannot be utilized in “real life”, notwithstanding the fact that they were biased towards certain socio-economic groups.  These analogies were then replaced with sentence completion questions.  These sentence completion questions measure the student’s knowledge of vocabulary in context, which is considered more appropriate and indicative of a student’s knowledge.

With all these revisions clarified, let us cast them aside for a while and talk about the best time to take SAT. We all know that the college admission process is a long one, covering most of a student’s high school career. When is the appropriate time to take the SAT?  It’s always a good idea to begin early but we have to take into consideration other major and essential factors such as personal schedule, submission deadlines, and your subjects in school. Let me address each concern in a more elaborate way.

First, take into account deadlines for college admission and scholarships.  You should prepare for your SAT a year before your first important deadline and see to it that you take the SAT test two times. For most students, regular decision application deadlines are in January and February of their senior year, which means they should take their last SAT test by December of their senior year. Now, if you’re applying in the early admissions cycle around November of senior year, your last test date will be the October SAT. This means, begin to prepare for the SAT in junior year.

Next, the math section heavily features algebra and geometry so your knowledge foundation on these subjects matters a lot.  As for the reading and writing English sections, your exposure to basic concepts of English and grammar is s good foundation to answer the SAT questions.  Now, this doesn’t mean that just because you had Algebra II and English classes, you’ll ace the test.  The test questions are way different from the questions you have encountered in school.  It is essential that you familiarize yourself with the special types of questions and with the format of the test.  But having this content foundation will make you improve a lot faster.

Then, let me remind you that it’s best to take SAT when you do not have a lot of activities going on.  Many seniors are up to their necks with schoolwork, extracurricular, social life and test prep.  It is best to schedule for a test date on either side of a busy period so you have more time in your schedule to prep and have less stress and anxiety. 

Lastly, try your best to study at least 40 hours for the SAT or more, say 80, 120 hours, and way beyond these ranges, depending on your English and Math proficiency, and you will definitely be rewarded with higher test scores. Some students have already taken the test several times, but unfortunately, do not have enough time to prep for the next.  They are unlikely to see a big improvement on their score.

If you can guarantee yourself that you can dedicate a focused study time to test prep, then your chances of getting a good score will definitely pan out. 

Now that you are aware of the major revisions in the test format and now that you know the most suitable time to schedule your SAT test, let me guide you to Eureka’s SAT program which gives you the most comprehensive practice exercises you need to attain that dream score of yours. We have prepared a diagnostic test to gauge the kind of program that will best fit your need.  The whole program is customized to address the concerns of our clients and to give him the confidence he needs on the actual test date. 

Our roster of students who have made it to various prestigious universities in Asia and North America has proven the effectiveness of Eureka’s SAT program. If you care about your future, now is the time to sign up.  Taking the SAT and acing it will definitely show your strength to others.Getting high on your SAT will surely reflect well on you. Do it right, do it the Eurekan way!

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