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SAT 1 and 2 Tutorials

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Scholastic Aptitude/Assessment Test Review (SAT I and SAT II)


The Scholastic Aptitude/Assessment Test (SAT I) and the SAT Subject Tests (SAT II) are standardized tests taken by students who wish to study in the colleges and universities in the United States of America. These tests evaluate the academic readiness of students bound for American universities although the results can also be used when applying for other non-American universities such as the National University of Singapore, Hong Kong University, Tokyo University, and other prominent universities. Developed and published by The College Board, the SAT gauges English literacy and writing skills of students as well as their mathematical competencies.

Eureka’s SAT review program employs the principle of “learning by doing”. Carefully-crafted exercises are given to students to pinpoint areas of weakness. These areas of weakness are then addressed by tutors who correct misconceptions and provide exercises that reinforce understanding of essential concepts. Tutors in Eureka also act as raters to give the students a prediction of the score they are likely to get in the actual SAT. Based on the scores of past students, Eureka’s predicted score is within five (plus minus 5) percent of what students get in the actual SAT.


Eureka has successfully assisted hundreds of students in the Philippines to significantly improve their SAT scores. John Lee, one of Eureka’s students registered a perfect SAT score after two months of review. Also, Peter Hyung, gained admission to UC Berkeley after achieving an SAT score that belonged to the top 5%.

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