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Reading, Writing, and Math Center Metro Manila

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eurekacentre.comReadingWritingEureka offers a type of tutorial which is beyond helping with the tests or school assignments. The center does not provide band-aid solutions. instead, it allows a full and enriched learning experience that the students can employ even out of the classrooms.


  • By instilling to children invaluable skills they won’t learn anywhere else.
    The Center offers a strategic course in time management, problem-solving and homework management and techniques to boost student’s academic performance.
  • By teaching kids how to learn.
    Whether it is Reading, Writing or Math, Eureka teaches students how to absorb, process, and use new information throughout their entire learning career.
  • By avoiding drills and repetitions.
    The process of learning isn’t about memorizing. Eureka promotes active thinking and teaches children to discover their own learning process – that helps them get the right answers.
  • By motivating
    Children learn because they want to. If it doesn’t seem important enough to them, then they decide to stop. Eureka maintains the connection between school subjects and real life situations that matter to students. Soon enough, children will figure out that learning does matter.
  • By inspiring confidence 
    Within a safe environment, students are encouraged to take chances, make leaps, and try and try again. Eureka celebrates successes and failures. Both, after all, are key ingredients in the learning process. If you’ve failed, you’ve simply learned what doesn’t work.


Eureka’s Reading, Writing and Math Programs


Reading Program

Eureka believes that its custom-made reading programs will benefit students of all ages and increase their awareness of the importance of becoming active and critical readers as it is one of the prerequisites for future success.

Eureka’s Reading Program is aimed at enhancing students’ reading comprehension skills through carefully selected passages with varying levels of difficulty and vocabulary. The student’s level is carefully diagnosed and a tailor-made reading program appropriate to the student is administered.

Writing Program

Eureka’s writing enhancement program aims to teach students the six qualities of good writing (focus, development, unity, coherence, correctness, and creativity). The program starts off with a discussion of sentence structures, the basic rules of grammar, correct use of punctuation, and proper spelling. It then proceeds to a discussion of literary devices and techniques employed by writers of different genres in conveying their thoughts and ideas. The program introduces different writing styles that students can analyze, learn from, and imitate. Written essays are checked by tutors who help the student further express his or her individuality and creativity through writing. Ultimately, the program aims to encourage students to be reflective, articulate, sincere, and confident in writing.

Math Program

Your best partner for your academic needs, more importantly in Higher Math levels, is Eureka Tutorial and Learning Center. Eureka provides effective learning skills by explaining easy to difficult concepts into a much simpler and uncomplicated process.

The Math tutors in Eureka are well-trained and experienced in teaching and guiding you to your Math lessons in any level. They are very flexible in explaining difficult topics that deal with algebra, geometry, trigonometry or even calculus. Learning a higher math topic can be very difficult, but in Eureka, you will be guided in every step so that you will surely understand your lessons. Your critical thinking skills will greatly improve as you master every skill you need.

Experience a tutorial program which is way beyond the tutoring process. Experience Eureka!


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