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Reading Enhancement Center

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eurekacentre.comReadingEnhancementReading Comprehension is one of the components of functional literacy. Without it, passages or text materials are merely symbols and characters on pages with our eyes sounding them. The development of reading skills is a lifelong process and must be continually refined, practiced and reinforced throughout life.

Eureka’s Reading Enhancement program seeks to provide diverse and challenging tools to develop critical reading skills of its students and engage them in an array of complex cognitive processes. This involves understanding of phonemes (individual sound pieces in language), the awareness in the use of phonics (letters and sound and their connection between letters and words), as well as widening the students’ grasp of vocabulary and increase their text comprehension and skills in determining contextual meaning of words and concepts. With the use of various reading materials, Eureka intends to ladderize students’ comprehension skills from basic up to the most complex level of reading. To better facilitate the student’s progress, the teachers/tutors of Eureka are constantly involved in students’ understanding, generating and answering questions, analyzing and summarizing text structure and providing visual aids to enhance comprehension of the reading materials. Likewise, Eureka also fosters independent reading habits to advance reading aptitude of its learners. Eureka seeks to guide its students in their over-all language competencies and improve various concepts in reading passages including Sciences, History, Psychology, Language, Philosophy, Music and Arts as well as Current Events.

Eureka’s main objective is to develop a large spectrum of abilities among its students, equip them with knowledge in their class curriculums, and prepare them for a more challenging reading aptitude tests such as TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL, and SAT.

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