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UPCAT Review Center

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eureacentre.comUPCATThe University of the Philippines (UP) is the national university of the Philippines and is considered as the premier university in the country. To be admitted in the university, one has to take the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT). The UPCAT is a 5 - hour examination consisting of 4 subtests: Language Proficiency (English and Filipino), Science, Math and Reading Comprehension (English and Filipino).

Every year, there are at least 70,000 senior students who take the UPCAT and the passing rate is more or less 16%. In August 2013, approximately 83,000 applicants took the examination and only 13,100 college aspirants passed. Aside from its low passing rate, the UPCAT has a reputation of being the most difficult college entrance examination in the country. However, you can still have an edge among other applicants.

Eureka Tutorial offers a review program for all the subtests of UPCAT. Here are five reasons on why you should choose Eureka to outsmart the UPCAT.

1. The tutors are UPCAT passers

Learn from the experts. Eureka is composed of tutors who are certified UPCAT passers and UP graduates who give out techniques on how to answer the subtests and tips on how to survive the said examination.

2. Comprehensive review materials

Eureka offers review materials that cover all the topics in the subtests – (a) Basic to Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus in Math; (b) Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in Science; (c) Grammar, Verbal Proficiency, and Vocabulary in Language Proficiency; and (d) Reading Comprehension. These materials are updated regularly.  

3. Precise and updated mock examinations

Feedbacks from recent UPCAT takers help us construct a series of mock exams that is close to the real thing. This will let the students grasp the atmosphere of the UPCAT and prevent them from getting anxious during the test.

4. Focused learning

While most UPCAT review centers offer group classes of 20 or more students, Eureka limits the number of students to a maximum of 5 per group. which enables the teacher to effectively address the questions of the students and strictly monitor their progress.

5. Free counseling

Yes, you heard that right! Eureka offers FREE career counseling to students and parents in order to guide them in choosing an undergraduate course in the University of the Philippines. After all, choosing the right undergraduate course is as important as passing the UPCAT.

With its solid commitment to excellence, Eureka assures its students great chances of passing the UPCAT and confidence in their college life endeavors. 


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